Stellar Dust acrylic painting of Okanagan Lake


Stellar Dust

status ~ for sale

created ~ 7/2012

Acrylic on canvas. 38" X 44". Elements of the Periodic Table pass through a scene taken from an oil sketch painted on site in lower Summerland, B.C. in 1964. The energy of stellar dust is illustrated as light and dark pathways of a maize which stimulate the atoms that create the reality we know before returning to the infinity of space. This was a natural extension of the kicking horse pass works of 1982-83. "Raven Around Kicking Horse Pass " ( painting) presents people sliding out of the stars, passing around the circle or globe and returning to the stars. "Crow And Puck Men" and Magic Carpet At Kicking Horse Pass"( drawings) are from the same influence.

$1,500.00 US