Building Blocks: acrylic painting. Scenes from Nanoose Bay, our home ,outer worl


Building Blocks

status ~ for sale

created ~ 2/2016

Acrylic on canvas. 64" X 80". The canvas shape is as a child draws a house becoming a metaphor for our human home and protection in all of space. Five images, selected from the millions possible, are structurally defined by the creative energy of stellar dust illustrated here as light and dark corridors of a maize as the energy passes through our home returning to the infinity of outer space and revitalization. The three central image panels are from a collaborative pop up book by Arno bathed in light from three directional points. There is still life and the question of death and dissolution. A house within a home and the crooked Garry oak living in Nanoose Bay.

$1,950.00 US