Canary Islands: acylic painting of stellar dust.


Canary Islands

status ~ for sale

created ~ 1/2015

Acrylic on canvas. 64" X 80". The canvas shape is as a child draws a house becoming metaphor for our human home and protector in all of space. The pathways of stellar dust, illustrated here by light and dark corridors of a more curvilinear maize pass through our home offering light and structure to the atoms which define our reality before returning to the infinity of outer space and revitalization. The four rooms in this house are trafficked by a slightly warped maize showing houses squeezed, abandoned and derelict. The canary of coal mine fame warns that a general lack of empathy can generate a quantity of abandoned structures which may be more symptomatic of basic sociological quirks, not quarks, rather than just old age.

$1,700.00 US