Painting pleasurable scenes in a house shaped like a head.


Head Of The House

status ~ for sale

created ~ 6/2015

Acrylic on canvas. 64" X 80" The canvas shape is as a child draws a house. Seven images, selected from the millions possible, become structurally defined by the creative energy of stellar dust illustrated here by light and dark corridors of a maize as the energy passes through our home giving light, life and structure then returning to the infinity of outer space and revitalization. The image within the central small box is an oil pump at the well head looking like a vector removing food from a vein. It is surrounded by gold paint as the corner peals down revealing black. The price of our mobility. It is the head of the house. Four rooms in this house are filled with the needs for fresh air, pleasure by the sea, the warmth of the sun star on living things which can grow for joy and nourishment of body and well being. We see the view from inside our house out its windows but choose to pretend that the visions presented in the reptilian brain don't matter.

$1,950.00 US